Cross My Heart

Stranded & Kindle Unlimited

After much thought and consideration, I’ve decided to pull Stranded from retailers other than Amazon, so I can put the series in Kindle Unlimited. Kindle Unlimited, in case you didn’t know, is a new subscription service for ebooks from Amazon. It costs $9.99 a month and you can borrow as many books as you want, as long as they’ve been enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.

I’m going to be honest here and say that Stranded has lost some momentum, sales-wise, and I kind of want to try something new with it. The first part will still be free outright for now, so feel free to download it to try out the series. In the next week or so, parts 2-5 will be put into Kindle Unlimited, which means they have to be exclusive to Amazon. I’m not sure how it’ll work out, but I don’t have much to lose right now, and I was planning on putting my next serial, “Cross My Heart”, into KU anyway, so this will make my books a bit more uniform. I will say that I won’t be putting bundles into Kindle Unlimited, but it shouldn’t matter anyway since the individual parts will all be in.

Part of my decision comes from my need to reduce stress. Publishing at multiple retailers just eats up too much time, and a recent issue with Smashwords (my distributor) when trying to upload my Stranded bundle, just sort of made me realize that my time would be better spent writing. Only needing to publish at Amazon will save me loads of time and energy. I hope you non-Kindle users will understand.

On a happier note, “Cross My Heart, Part 1” is going very well. The main character’s name is Emily, and I’ve been getting reacquainted with a song I loved when I was young called “Emily” by Jewel. Take a listen below. It’s quite heartwrenching:

With Love,
Elle Kyle


Stranded: The Complete Serial Bundle Now Available!

I know I haven’t posted an update in awhile, but I just wanted to let you all know that the Stranded: The Complete Serial bundle is now available on Amazon for $6.99, over 40% off the individual book prices. It’ll be available at other online bookstores in the coming weeks.

All the Stranded covers got a facelift as well, to better fit the romance genre. I hope you like them!

Also, I have a new serial starting in the end of November, entitled Cross My Heart 1. I don’t have an exact release date yet, but I do want to mention that I intend to make it an Amazon exclusive, so it’ll be available via Kindle Unlimited. I’ve heard good things about the subscription service, and I really want to try it out with a new series. So look for Cross My Heart 1, my first romantic suspense serial coming soon! I will post again when I have a release date set.

With Love,
Elle Kyle