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Introduction Time!

Hello to all those who wander on to my blog! My name is Elle Kyle, and I’m a (very) soon-to-be romance author. I’m hoping to release my first book on Valentine’s Day. (I know, I know! Only two days away! Time is not on my side right now!). It’ll be the first in a serial called “Stranded” about two strangers who are stranded on a desert island, and well, not to give anything away, but sparks begin to fly between them 😉 More on that later though!

A little about me. I’m a Florida girl, a cat lover, an 80’s child, and a hopeless romantic. Love songs are the best, and more and more I find myself tearing up when I listen to them. Currently have John Legend’s “All of Me” on a loop:


Anyway, I’ll wrap this up. This blog is still a work in progress, but should have all the pages and such updated soon. Just trying to focus on hitting my Valentine’s Day deadline!

With Love,
Elle Kyle