Stranded 3 is Available!

Yep, the subject title doesn’t lie! Stranded 3 has been released! I again want to apologize for the delays (including the delay in even making this blog post *blush*). I’m back on schedule and it should be smooth sailing from now on. Stranded 4 is already in the works, and things are going well.

In case I have failed to mention it (my memory is terrible!), Stranded is going to have a total of 5 parts. So I’m at the halfway point (a little over, actually!) and I’m preparing for the end of the series (I know, sadness!).

I’m not sure yet what my next project will be. I have a lot of ideas I’m looking forward to tackling, but I can’t decide if I should continue on with doing serials or move on to novels (most likely, stand-alone novels). I must admit, the tight release schedule of serials makes me all a-dither sometimes, but on the other hand, I like that it provides fresh material on a more frequent basis. I’d love to hear some opinions on the format you prefer, if you would like to share your thoughts in the comments đŸ™‚

With Love,
Elle Kyle



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